21 Days to Calm Your Mind Journal

Build a better mindset in only 3 weeks


When we are worried, busy, overtired, or stressed, it can be difficult to calm our minds. If you find yourself ruminating on your worries, journaling it out helps.

You are busy. It feels like every second is accounted for and you just need some time and space to clear your head. It'll make you a more patient and better mom, you know that. You just don't know where to start. This simple 3 weeks of journaling will guide you to a better mindset this month!

One of the easiest ways to overcome fear and worry is to use the coping skill of distracting yourself. When you journal, you can distract yourself and change your thoughts.

As you change your thoughts, you will ease into the space of peace and possibly forget what you were even worried about in the first place.

In this journal, you can write your way through 21 days of calming your mind.

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Allie Edwards
Allie Edwards

Allie is a mother of 3 little ladies who is certified in Nutrition and Lifestyle During Pregnancy, Child Nutrition and Cooking, who is also a Personal Fitness Trainer specializing in prenatal and postpartum fitness. She continually takes courses to further her knowledge to help you the best she can to navigate the ever changing recommendations in nutrition and fitness for pregnancy. She isn't a doctor, just a mommy of 3 with lots of experience in health, nutrition, and fitness that she is eager to share with you.

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