The Happy Healthy Preggo Mini Bundle

Your Quick Guide to Prenatal Nutrition and Fitness

Your Quick Guide to Prenatal Nutrition and Fitness

for a More Healthy Baby


This mini bundle is just that, a mini version of the Perfect Pregnancy Plan. It's not going to give you all the details about the nutrients you need and how to source them, a full 40 week workout plan, or how to follow the PPP diet but you are getting some great stuff that is hugely beneficial to starting off your prenatal health and fitness journey on the right foot!

  1. Daily Doses of Chocolate eBook: The nutritional benefits of chocolate, how to eat it every day in a healthy way, and craving buster recipes too! Pregnancy nutrition is all about learning to satiate those cravings with delicious whole food recipes packed with nutrition! You will have cravings and when you have healthy recipes to fill them with, you are on track to growing a more healthy baby and having a more fit pregnancy. This book will come in super handy.
  2. Pregnancy Drink Recipes eBook: During pregnancy your hydration needs are increased. How could they not be when your blood volume doubles and you are growing an entirely new human being, which is mostly made up of water! What you drink while pregnant is as important as was you eat. During pregnancy your caloric needs hardly increase at all while your nutrient needs up to triple! Fill your drinks with nutrition and flavor, not empty calories!
  3. Prenatal Yoga for Each Trimester: One prenatal yoga routine perfect for each trimester of pregnancy. Ease back pain, open your hips, increase strength, aid digestion, and more with these carefully crafted prenatal yoga routines.
  4. First Trimester Legs + Booty + Cardio Workout. The first trimester it the best time to work on getting into great shape to help support the increasing weight and changes that your body is about to undergo. This routine effectively strengthens your cardiovascular system while strengthening your legs and booty. It is a huge calorie scorcher and prepares your body to support the upcoming weight gain.

Your Instructor

Allie Edwards
Allie Edwards

Allie is a mother of 3 little ladies who is certified in Nutrition and Lifestyle During Pregnancy, Child Nutrition and Cooking, who is also a Personal Fitness Trainer specializing in prenatal and postpartum fitness. She continually takes courses to further her knowledge to help you the best she can to navigate the ever changing recommendations in nutrition and fitness for pregnancy. She isn't a doctor, just a mommy of 3 with lots of experience in health, nutrition, and fitness that she is eager to share with you.

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