The PPP Bonus Recipes

The Perfect Pregnancy Plan is the most revolutionary and up-to-date prenatal nutrition and exercise program on the market! It is the only one based on the most recent studies of epigenetics during pregnancy. Though the PPP is LOADED with recipes, it's been requested that I create more.

After all, you are going to be pregnant for around 40 weeks, and everyone's tastes are different... which leaves lots of room for more nutrient-dense recipes that enhance fetal development.
This bonus recipe pack contains 15 meals spanning breakfast lunch and dinner. You can expect to find some tasty breakfasts, Mexican-style recipes, Italian recipes, and more in this recipe book! Yum!
You can rest assured every recipe is loaded with nutrients that your growing baby needs while still being low in calories when compared to nutritional content, making them perfect choices for your prenatal diet plan so you can have a healthy, fit, and comfortable pregnancy.

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Allie Edwards
Allie Edwards

Allie is a mother of 3 little ladies who is certified in Nutrition and Lifestyle During Pregnancy, Child Nutrition and Cooking, who is also a Personal Fitness Trainer specializing in prenatal and postpartum fitness. She continually takes courses to further her knowledge to help you the best she can to navigate the ever changing recommendations in nutrition and fitness for pregnancy. She isn't a doctor, just a mommy of 3 with lots of experience in health, nutrition, and fitness that she is eager to share with you.