The Perfect Pregnancy [Fitness] Plan

Prenatal Workout Plan for a More Comfortable Pregnancy and Enhanced Genetic Expression

What makes this the PERFECT prenatal fitness program?

All about the Perfect Pregnancy Fitness Plan

Did you know that exercising during pregnancy can turn on good genes in your baby? Making them less prone to disease and more healthy throughout their entire lives? But this course goes far beyond that. It is specifically designed with addressing a mom's ever changing physical needs during pregnancy, strengthening her body before aches and pains become a problem, and helping her have a more comfortable and fit gestation...

What is the PERFECT PREGNANCY fitness PLAN?

The PPP is not nearly just to give you a bump only pregnancy, though will be a wonderful side effect of proper prenatal nutrition and fitness. This program is so much more. The PPP is designed to teach you how to exercise safely because it has huge genetic benefits to your child!

Your exercising during your gestation can increase your child’s metabolism and lower their excess fat levels from birth through adulthood. It sounds unbelievable, but by exercising during your pregnancy you can lower your child’s chances of contracting diabetes, getting heart disease, and suffering from a metabolic disorder throughout their entire lives!

Even if you hate exercising, knowing the benefits for your baby are huge and lifelong.

These workouts are targeted to your prenatal needs.

The timeline of your growing body and your strength needs are taken into account.

  1. This is the first prenatal workout program designed in a way that addresses a mom-to-be's physical needs so deeply: strengthening each body part needing it before it becomes compromised by pregnancy.
  • From the start you will be working on your pelvic floor and core, which pregnancy can really do a number on.
  • Additionally, you will be doing exercises to strengthen your back. When done in conjunction with core work this can prevent or lessen prenatal back pain, which most women suffer from at some point during their gestation.
  • The first trimester workouts will have some cardio and mostly strength training.
  • Exercises will be modified by trimester.
  • In the final trimester there is a lot of focus on squats in preparation for labor, arm work to prepare your body for soon carrying around a 7ish pound weight all day and night, and yoga to ease aches and pains and once again to prepare your body for labor.

Every workout is specifically designed to address the weight and strain on your core, pelvic floor, and back, your strength and endurance needs heading into labor, and the strength you will need immediately postpartum.

That is the true beauty of this perfect pregnancy plan. It is designed:

  1. To enhance positive genetic expression in your baby.
  2. To prepare your body for the changes and strains it will be encountering, before they become a problem.
  3. To give you a fit and healthy pregnancy.
  4. To prepare your body for childbirth and the postpartum period.

You can buy this course alone or with the perfect pregnancy nutrition plan in a bundled deal. Be sure to click back to check out the nutrition course before deciding which deal is best for you.

"The Perfect Pregnancy Plan is something I highly recommend as a physical therapist to all women who are pregnant and looking to live a healthy life not only for your own benefit but for the benefit of your baby as well. Nutrition and fitness are so important during pregnancy, and Allie explains this in great detail. Her fitness program includes all the exercises that are most important for pregnancy, especially those exercises for your core and your pelvic floor muscles. Plus, the program has all the exercises organized by each trimester. It’s so easy to follow and takes the stress out of trying to figure out what exercises are safe and not safe to do while pregnant."

- Dr. Jena Bradley, DPT Live Core Strong

"Pregnancy health information is often confusing and contradicting. What you eat and how you move during pregnancy is so important for feeling your best and the health of your growing baby. As a mom and Doctor of physical therapy, it was so refreshing to find a program that helps moms finally get it. The Perfect Pregnancy Plan has all the tools you need to feel in control of your health. No more wondering what you should eat or what exercises are best! I can't recommend this program enough. Thanks so much Allie! "

- Dr. JayDee Vykoukal DPT, from Mom Blog Life


Your Instructor

Allie Edwards
Allie Edwards

Allie is a mother of 3 little ladies who is certified in Nutrition and Lifestyle During Pregnancy, Child Nutrition and Cooking, who is also a Personal Fitness Trainer specializing in prenatal and postpartum fitness. She continually takes courses to further her knowledge to help you the best she can to navigate the ever changing recommendations in nutrition and fitness for pregnancy. She isn't a doctor, just a mommy of 3 with lots of experience in health, nutrition, and fitness that she is eager to share with you.

Course Curriculum

Frequently Asked Questions

I am overweight. Will this plan help me lose fat and gain muscle?
Losing fat and gaining muscle is directly related to your diet and exercise, so the PPP can be extremely helpful in that aspect. There are additional printables included for moms-to-be in your situation (which about half are) so that you can keep better track of your diet. While for many the PPP is not about counting calories and is more about counting nutrients, this program is designed with printables to help you track your diet and calories if losing fat is your goal. The PPP bundle will give you all the tools you need to take control of your weight during your pregnancy!
I'm new to working out but am willing to give it a try for my baby's health. How hard are the workouts?
There are 6 workouts for each trimester. Plus a few additional targeting your core and pelvic floor. The workouts are for a beginner to moderate fitness level. If the first trimester workouts are too challenging, it is safe to do the easier second and third trimester workouts instead. You will still be benefiting your baby and your own health and fitness levels. Having been a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer for many years, Allie also shows you many ways to modify the workouts if you need it.
I'm already in my second [or third] trimester. Can I still benefit from the PPP?
Yes this plan can still be super helpful to enhancing your baby's health. While it is the most beneficial to begin this program even prior to pregnancy, it has been shown that prenatal nutrition plays a critical role in each trimester. Meaning it's not too late. By getting the nutrients you need now and starting exercising, you can still help to grow a more healthy baby.

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